Corporate & Private Sector

Corporate & Private Sector

With x-ray technology it is possible to get the following results for your company:

  • Quick evaluation of the quantity of products inside packages without the need of human contact or manual inspection;
  • Effective quality control of the products produced or that will be distributed;
  • Efficiency in preventing stock losses;
  • Reduced operating costs;
  • Greater control of the entry/exit process of employees, reducing vulnerability;
  • Expansion of general security, inhibiting and identifying the threats and thefts before they can happen.

CMH Security customizes its detection software equipment according to the type of imminent threat that may occur at this location.

The inspection can be performed on packages, baggage, cargo and people efficiently and non-invasively. The customized solution is designed to meet the various demands of inspection and security, enabling the integration of several buildings to a single central monitoring system, reducing the need for 24-hour human monitoring.