Portable X-ray Security Screening System


Sharpshooter Series 5010-BC
is a portable security screening system. It is effective in detection of various contrabands like explosives or drugs concealed in the suspicious luggage.

Light in weight, quick in development, simple in operation, with high penetrability and high resolution, this system effectively reduces the risk of security inspection and explosives disposal. It is widely adopted in public security, criminal investigation, border control as well as in military.

Key Features
  • Light in weight, easy to carry
  • Simple installation within 5 minutes
  • High sensitivity, strong penetration ability
  • Lower doses of X-ray radiation, more safety
  • High image resolution, wider image scope
  • Complete set of cable/wireless connection device
  • Long working hours, hot plug battery system to support 24hour working
Technical Characteristics
  • Detector: Amorphous Silicon

  • Pixel: 139μm, resolution 3.6 lp/mm

  • Image area: 427x 427mm (17'' x 17'')

  • Image matrix: 3072 x 3072 pixel

  • AD conversion: 14 Bit

  • Communication terminal: Gigabit Ethernet

  • Communication distance: wireless 400meters (with 2.4GHz) cable 50 meters(maximum to 200 meters )

  • Overall dimension(panel): 486x486x25mm

  • 14'' laptop

SQ5010-AB Specifications
Dedector Size 17x17" 17x14" 12x10"
Limiting Resolution 3,25lp/mm 3,25lp/mm 4,16lp/mm
Active Area 434x434mm 434x355mm 307x244mm
Grey Scale 16 bits
Penetrability 30mm Steel Guaranteed, 34mm Typical
Resolution > 40AWG
Comminication Ports Ethernet/WIFI
Image Reading Time 4-6s
Tube Voltage of Generator 50 - 120kV
Tube Current of Generator 0,1 - 1mA
Power Supply 500W, AC 110-220V, 50-60Hz