Covert Channel


Sharpshooter 5010-HC
type covert security detection system, not easily perceived by people being inspected, can make overall detection to human body and the luggage.

With visible fluorescence image tomography, it can realize concealed acquiring and locating if there are prohibited or dangerous goods hidden on and in the body of the visitors.

This system combines the detection functions to the access control, monitoring and dangerous goods, and integrates multiple technologies including face recognition, ID scanning, fingerprint registration etc. to prevent safety risks in advance.

Key Features
  • Convert body inspection including baggage
  • Transmission scanning, clear imaging, real-time recording
  • Safe, silent, covert, remote controlled
  • Multi protection, comprehensive assembly of security devices
  • Concealed into building, personalized options of building material
  • Handsomely designed by professional development team
Technical Characteristics
  • Radiation leakage: <0.69 µ Sv/h outside the radiation protection boundary, superior to 2.5µSv of Industry Standard

  • Dose per Inspection: 0.05-0.2µSv, superior to 2.5µSv of Industry Standard, 0.25µSv of Europe/American Standards

  • Wire detectability: 40AWG (0.0787mm), superior to industry standard of 0.127mm

  • Spatial detectability: 1mm line pair, superior to industry standard 1.3mm

  • Protection: In-built lead shield protection, radiation leakage at only 1/4 of Industry standard.

SQ5010-HC Specifications
Weight: 1500Kg
Size (mm): L3000×W2200×H2900
Working Temperature: -5~40℃
Humidity: 10%~90%
Power: 1200W
Voltage/Frequency: 220VAC,50±3Hz

This model is suitable for inspecting single passenger, in places like villa, government building, school, shopping mall, banks and etc. It can be custom made against environment need and client’s demand.

For example, bank ticket machine can be integrated into this model, inspection can be completed during visitor is taking ticket. It can also integrate with shopping mall’s VIP/Member card, inspection can be completed during card checking. It is fast and safe, without bothering passenger.

Comprehensive Design
  • Covert Channel Detector is a custom-made security system which is made of inspection unit, automatic door, remote camera/speaker, ID check/record unit, remote operation unit and etc.
  • Only 3-5 seconds needed for inspection, fully realizing silent and fast detection against all threats with clear imaging and visual analysis.
  • As it is custom-made, apart from standard steel body, this model can choose other material for framework, thus to be completely integrated into building. Corridor’s inside wall can be decorated with different material in color and texture against client’s demand, so to be in harmony with application environment.