Vehicle Mobile Security Screening System

System Features
  • Specially designed for mobile security screening application
  • Free from installation debugging, ready for work immediately after vehicle is parked
  • Low entrance design, convenient for passenger to get on/off
  • Combining Personnel Screening, Luggage Scanning, Liquid Detection and other functions together(Optional: Face Recognition, ID Identification and other security equipments)
  • Electric vehicle adopted as platform, driving range 100km, upgradable according to client's need
  • Electricity, gasoline and CNG are available for choice as fuel power
  • Cyclic inspection, fast screening/scanning, clear imaging, real-time record, high efficiency
  • Wide detection range, easy to operate, safe and reliable
  • Comfortable interior environment, equipped with rest facilities, office cabinet, water dispenser, air conditioner
  • Equipped with independent gasoline generator, suitable for application in wild field
Technical Characteristics
  • Power: electricity (lithium battery)

  • Max speed: 35km/h

  • Driving distance: 120km(backup gasoline generator available to increase driving range)

  • Power source: grid / generator

  • Inspection types: Body Scanning, Luggage Scanning, Liquid Detection (Optional: Explosive Detection, Radioactive Material Detection and etc.)

  • Throughput: max 1000 pph

  • Standard height of body screening: 2.1m

  • Effective height of body screening: 1.85m

  • Dose per inspection for personnel: 0.05~0.2µSv, superior to 4µSv of industry standard, 0.25µSv of American standard

  • Luggage scanning: tunnel Size 650x500mm, auto alarm against metal

  • Radiation protection: leakage dose rate outside the radiation protection boundary <0.69µSv/h, superior to industry standard of 2.5µSv/h,

  • Liquid detection: Three-in-One liquid security detection with automatic isolation

  • Display: Dell 17" + Dell 24"

  • Additional radiation shield: lead glass

  • UPS: Online

SQ5010-VE Specifications
Weight: 4000Kg
Size (mm): L7600×W2500×H2950
Working Temperature: -5~40℃
Humidity: 10%~90%
Power: 2000W
Voltage/Frequency: 110-220VAC,50±3Hz

Data Sheet