Dual-Channel Personnel & Luggage Security Screening System

Unique Highlights
  • Luggage tunnel size: up to 1000×1000mm

  • One stop X-ray scan of luggage and body, imaging clear, sync record

  • Scan time: <3s

  • Detect both internal and external of human body
  • Complete screening from head to toe
  • Wide detection range: metallic & non-metallic objects like drugs, guns, knives, explosives, electronic devices, gemstones and etc.
  • Luggage tunnel adopts dual energy dual view X-ray imaging, intelligent distinction between different types of materials
  • Cyclic detection, high speed and high efficiency
Technical Characteristics
  • Dose per inspection of body channel: 0.05-0.2μSv, superior to European and American standard of 0.25μSv

  • X-ray leakage: < 0.69 μSv/h , outside the radiation protection boundary

  • Scan time: < 3s, superior to industry standard of 15s

  • Belt speed: 0.2m/s

  • High throughput: up to 1000 pph.

  • Wire detectability: 40AWG (0.0787mm), superior to industry standard of 0.127mm

  • Spatial detectability: 1mm wire pair, superior to industry standard of 1.3mm

  • Image manipulation: zoom, super enhancement, detail enhancement, B/W reverse, filter, pseudo color, brightness/contrast

SQ5010-DC Specifications
  SQ5010-DC1 SQ5010-DC2 SQ5010-DC3
Dimension(mm) L3340xW2370xH2600 L3340xW2370xH2600 L3340xW2500xH2600
Luggage Tunnel Size(mm) W500xH500 W650xH500 W1000xH1000
Weight(Kg) 1200 1300 2100
Power Consumtion(W) 1200
Power Source 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Conveyor Speed(m/s) 0,17
Radiation Leakage < 0,69uSv/h (Industry Standart 2,5 uSv/h)
Dose per Inspection 0,05-0,2 uSv (Industry Standart 4uSv, ANSI/HPS 0,25 uSv)
Time per Inspection < 3s (Industry Standart 15s)
Throughput 1000 pph
Wire Detectability 40AWG/0,0787mm (Industry Standart 0,127mm)
Spatial Detectability < 1mm wire pair (Industry Standart 1.3mm)