Borehole Video Systems


The portable Heavy Duty systems include a steel reel, with cable lengths of 325, 650 or 1000 feet (100, 200, 300 meters). The control panel & 7-inch LCD monitor are mounted in a toolbox/carrying case. Camera options for both the Heavy Duty and Light Duty systems include our standard (STD) cameras, which are 1 5/8-inch (42 mm) in diameter; and are available in either color or black/white, and in either plastic (CPVC) or stainless steel housing.

Another camera option is our slimline Nano camera, which is a 3/4-inch (20 mm) diameter stainless steel color camera. One option of the Heavy Duty is on-screen depth display, which puts the footage on the video screen in feet or meters. Otherwise, the cable is marked off every foot sequentially so you know the depth where the camera is located.


The portable Deluxe system includes a motorized winch to raise & lower the camera assembly using a variable-speed motor, with cable length options of 325, 650, 1000, 1650, and 2000 feet (100, 200, 300, 500, and 600 meters). In addition to the cameras mentioned above, the Deluxe can run our Pan Tilt control with our standard cameras, which allows the operator to remotely turn the camera head in any direction in the borehole using a joystick.

The Pan Tilt & camera will fit in a 2-inch (50 mm) bore but requires 5 – 6 inches (125 to 150 mm) to fully pan & tilt. Another camera option for the Deluxe system is the Dual Scan camera, which has two on-board cameras. The operator can toggle back & forth between the downview and the sideview cameras, and has 360 degree rotational control. The Dual Scan is 1 1/8-inch (30 mm) in diameter, and has multiple lighting options and exposure settings to maximize video image quality.

All of the cameras have on-board LED lights sources and are designed for submergence in water. The standard monitor is a 7-inch LCD color monitor. A DVD recorder/microphone is an option, as is a 12V inverter (the Heavy Duty and Deluxe systems can be powered by either 110/220VAC or 12V DC using the inverter). Auxiliary lighting attachments are available for large bores and mine/cave inspections. RCA output jacks on the control panel can be used to connect to external video monitors or recording devices. The output is NTSC analog video. With third party hardware & software, the video signal can be converted to digital video and viewed/recorded on a laptop or other DV recording device.