Agricultural Irrigation - CMH, in order to minimize the impact of agricultural drought on crop production, increase the quantity of production and improve the quality, has been pioneering to increase the use of modern pressurized irrigation systems equipped with the latest technology since 1994.

With this responsibility awareness, we continue our activities for the use of our farmers in every corner of our country by Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation Systems, which can be controlled with automation and high irrigation efficiency. In order to increase the use of Center pivot and Linear irrigation systems, which are equipped with the most used automation in many parts of the world and in our country, and with the aim of increasing its usage in our country, our partnership with Western, which produces the highest quality systems on the market, is still continuing.

In many projects in Turkey, including the public sector. We offer advanced level solutions to public and private customers in terms of survey, project and application with our team of agricultural engineers and experts in their fields