Anhui Qilootech Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd
, located in the national high-tech industrial park of Hefei, is a high-tech enterprise that originates from the USTC and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Qilootech relies on technical superiority of the USTC and Chinese Academy of Sciences Hefei Branch, and is committed to the industrialization of the security detection technology in the field of public safety. Through successful transformation and social practice, Qilootech keeps enriching the technological connotation of security detection and industrial chain in public safety field to make contribution to the security of our country and society.

Qilootech, based on the industry-university-research mechanism, owns complete and independent intellectual property rights and core technologies for its products in public security field, has won many national patents, gains technical recognition from the inspection department of Ministry of Public Security, and all its core technology indexes have reached the internationally advanced level.

Qilootech now has six divisions, and set up the product R&D and operation management centers in Hefei National High-tech Development Zone, Shenzhen production center and marketing service centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan.

Qilootech products are used by the central and all levels of government departments, which are widely applied in special industries such as mines, subways, courts, banks, airports, halls, narcotics detection, prisons, money printing, jewelry shops, military factories, state key organs etc. Since Qilootech launched its products four years ago, its technology has been gaining widespread recognition and has been exporting its products to global markets successfully, providing service and support of safety detection in public security field for other countries.

Products include: People Screening System, X-ray Luggage Scanner, Liquid Inspection Instrument, NQR Explosive (drugs) Detector, Trace Detection for Explosives, and Covert Channel etc.