Liquid Detector

Liquids Detected
  • Pesticides: cotton bollworm (nuclear polyhedrosis virus), pendimethalin, beta-cypermethrin, omethoate, acephate, To The Point (emamectin benzoate), mesotrione, kajia pyridaben, avermectin+pyridaben, Brave It Out (pyridaphenthion), fipronil, cypermethrin+chlorpyrifos, metamifop, isocarbophos, cyhalofop-butyl, malathion+fenitrothion, avermectins, nicosufuron+atrazina, triazophos+chlorpyrifos, quinalphos, dimethoate, DDVP and etc.

  • Flammable and explosive liquids: gasoline, kerosene, diesel, absolute ethyl alcohol, isopropyl ether, petroleum ether(30~60℃), propylene epoxide, n-heptane, mineral spirits, acetone, benzene,methylbenzene, isopropanol, absolute methanol, n-hexane, banana oil, oleic acid, acetic acid, butyl butyrate, glycerine, dimethylbenzene, phenol, 1, 2-dichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride, nitrobenzene, concentrated sulfuric acid, carbon disulfide, glacial acetic acid, trichloromethane, acetaldehyde 40%, nitromethane and diethyl ether and etc.

  • Capable of detecting flammable, explosive and corrosive liquids and pesticides
  • No ionizing radiation, safe and reliable
  • High sensitivity, high anti-interference and high recognition ability
  • Low false alarm rate
  • Capable of detecting plastic, glass, ceramic and metallic bottles
  • Safety doors auto close if alarm triggered, to isolate of dangerous liquid
WB154 Specifications
Size: L555mm×W465mm×H455mm
Weight: 25 kg
Detection Time: Common channel:≤ 1.4s
Metal channel:≤ 7s
Sampling channel:≤ 1s
Container Material
and Specification

<3.5mm, plastic;

volume ≥ 50ml
1cm ≤ diameter ≤ 12cm
1cm ≤ height ≤ 35cm

Metal (Thickness<0.2mm):
volume ≥ 100ml
65mm ≤ diameter ≤ 67mm
height ≥ 3cm

Sampling channel: ≥ 20ml

Working Temperature: -5~45℃
Humidity: 10%~95%
Voltage/Frequency: 110-240 V / 50-60 Hz ±3Hz
Other Models
Sharpshooter WB-151A
  • Handheld ergonomics, designed for comfort
  • Double detection areas available for convenient option
  • Smart elegant shape, bright and comfortable color
Sharpshooter WB-154A
  • Color touchscreen with English and graphical interface
  • Automatic counting and storage functions
  • Operator authentication function
  • Sensitivity can be adjustable if needed
  • Sound alarm can be switched off separately